SoloGood CYCLONE ELRS 2.4G PWM 6CH / 7CH CRSF Receiver Support ELRS 3.2 PWM/CRSF Protocol Copper Pipe Antenna For RC FPV Drone


Color: 1PCS Straight

SoloGood CYCLONE ELRS 2.4G Receiver With Seven-Channel PWM Reception.
Independent PWM Channel Output, suitable for fixed wing vehicles, ships and other models installed.
It also supports CRSF output. The two output signals can be switched.

The PWM 6CH/7CH CRSF switch is easy to switch without rebrushing the firmware
Turn on the receiver WI-FI network,
1. Use the lua menu of the transmitter to activate the WI-FI of the receiver when it is connected to the high-frequency head
2. When the high-frequency head is not connected, power on for one minute, and the receiver automatically enters WI-FI
Search for WIFI on your computer or phone
WIFI hotspot name: ExpressLRS RX
Connection password (all lowercase) : expresslrs
The browser open
Enter the ELRS hardware configuration page to import the hardware configuration file (Note: do not modify it before you fully understand the meaning of each parameter)
Import the configuration file we provided, PWM 7CH or CRSF, then click the button at the bottom of the page and wait for the receiver to restart itself

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