Corona R6FA-SB 2.4Ghz FASST Compatible S.BUS ReceiverFor RC Control Driving Flight Airplane Helicopters Car



CORONA 2.4GHz R6FA-SB Spread Spectrum FASST Compatible Receiver is designed for use with FUTABA's FASST 2.4GHz transmitters; including the 3PM, 3PKS, 3VCS, 3GR, 4PK(S), TM7, TM8, TM10, TM14 and the T6EX-2.4G, 7C-2.4G, 8FG, 10CG, 12FG. The R6FA-SB receiver supplies a more useful mode for users. The R6FA-SB supports not only FUTABA's FASST air system, but FASST surface systems as well. This receiver supports up to 7-channels with continuous PPM (positive and negative) output, RSSI output and S.BUS output. It also 

supports 6 channel high speed PPM(HS) mode to optimize helicopter response control and S.BUS output.

Under S.BUS output mode, R6FA-SB supplies 12 proportional channels and 2 DG channels. Therefore, the R6FA-SB becomes a 14-channel receiver when using S.BUS output. 

Operating Current: 50mA max
Operating Voltage:  3.6 ~10V

7mS for independent 6 channel (HS) output@ FASST multi-channel mode
14mS for independent 7 channel (LS) output and S.BUS output @ FASST multi-channel mode
8ms for independent 6 channel (HS) output@ FASST 7ch mode
16mS for independent 7 channel (LS) output and S.BUS output @ FASST 7ch mode
14ms for independent 3 channel output@ FASST surface system C1 CODE mode
Sensitivity: about -100dBm
Operation temperature: -10~80 deg C
Dimensions: 48x27x12mm
Weight: 11g





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