Corona GR7SF 2.4GHz 7CH S.BUS Receiver With 3X Gyro Futaba S-FHSS Compatible Transmitter T6J T8J 10J T14SG 16SZ For FPV Airplane


Color: GR7SF Receiver

CORONA GR7SF 2.4GHz S-FHSS Receiver Compatible With FUTABA S-FHSS such as T6J T8J T10T T14SG


CORONA 2.4GHz S-FHSS Compatible Receiver is designed to use with FUTABA S-FHSS 2.4GHz transmitters, such as T6J,T8J,T10J and T14SG under S-FHSS protocol mode.



Mode supply: No mixer, Dual-aileron, V-tail mixer, Delta mixer

Independent simple gyro gain adjustment for Aileron, Elevator and Rudder

S.BUS output support expanding servo channels @the 8th channel

Support gyro function switch on and off in flying by Switching signal of CH5



Voltage Range :3.6~8.5V

Operating Current:  60mA max

Operation temperature: -10~70 degC

Latency: 6.8mS

Sensitivity: about -96dBm

Weight: 16g


Bind procedure:

· Turn on the S-FHSS transmitter

· Connect the battery to the receiver while pressing receiver's F/S button.

· Red LED light on and Green LED off when searching signals, and turn to Green LED light on and Red LED off indicate bind is succeeded.


Installation Guide:

Make sure that your plane has good status before installing GR7SF and other electrical device on it.

The receiver need to be firmly mounted near the gravity of the plane by double side tape, refer to illustration below.

Ensure the axis direction is out of four kind types description below. Fixed GR7SF reference the information mentioned in axis description pictures on receiver's box.

Turn on S-FHSS transmitter, turn off any mixer feature on the transmitter, firstly set stick trimming and sub-trim parameters to zero .Preset all sensitivity at about 40~60%, Select the proper mode of mixer on GR7SF and power on it, check and adjust aileron, elevator or rudder to the neutral position of control surface. Adjustment can be done by stick trimming on the transmitter. If mode selection and sensitivity changed, please power the GR7SF again to let new feature take effect.

Check all servo controlling that you need under flying is correct. Reverse the servo direction on the transmitter if need. Roll the model along the x, y or z axis alone to check the compensation direction that you want as the picture show.

If compensation direction is reversed, set the sensitivity value reverse. If any sensitivity changed, please power the GR7SF again to let new feature take effect.


Fail-safe setting:

GR7SF set failsafe on the S-FHSS transmitter just like the operation of the FUTABA receivers.

We highly recommend you set failsafe feature while flying your models. An example of a useful Failsafe setting would be to shut down the model's throttle, so that it does not fly or drive away uncontrolled.




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