CORONA C4SF 2.4G HV Receiver for FutabaS-FHSS FHSS SBUS 3PV 3PK 4PKS 7PK T14SG Splashproof


Color: C4SF

Instruction manual

Thank you for purchasing CORONA'sS-FHSS/FHSScompatible receiver. This production can supply enhancement smoothdrivewithFUTABA S-FHSS/FHSSlink.


CORONA 2.4GHzS-FHSS/FHSSCompatible Receiver is designed to use with FUTABAS-FHSS/FHSS2.4GHz transmitters, such asair systemT4YF,T6J,T6K,T8J,T10J,T14SG,T18MZ,T18SZor surface system 3PL,T3PRKA,4PLS,T4PX,T4GRSunder S-FHSS/FHSSprotocol mode.


l4ch servo channels inC4SF-HVunder normal status.

lS.BUS output support expanding servo channelsonthe 4thchannel ofC4SF-HVunder special status.

lIt has splashproof


lVoltage Range :3.6~8.5V

lOperating Current:60mA maxand 45mA under linked

lOperation temperature: -10~70 degC

lLatency:13.6mS or 20.4mS

lSensitivity: about-95dBm forC4SF-HV


Latency:7mS ~ 16mS

Bind procedure:

·Turn on the S-FHSS/FHSStransmitter, leave it 0.5M~1M away the receiver.

·Connect the battery to the receiver while pressing receiver's F/S button.

·Red LED light on and Green LED off when searching signals, and turn to Green LED light on and Red LED off indicate bind is succeeded.

Fail-safe setting:

C4SF-HVset failsafe on the S-FHSS/FHSStransmitter just like the operation of the FUTABA receiversif the feature exist.We highly recommend you set failsafe feature whiledrivingyour models. An example of a useful Failsafe setting would be to shut down the model's throttle, so that it does not fly or drive away uncontrolled.

Special/Normal mode switch guide:

If your receiver has been linked with your transmitter, please power off your transmitter. When your receiver's LED light red, push down and hold the button on your receiver for more than 6 seconds and not more than 10 seconds, release the button to see the green led flash, push down the button again right now, receiver get back to light red. Now the MODE status has changed between Special mode and Normal mode. When green led flash low indicate normal mode to special mode, and green led flash fast indicate special mode to normal mode.

Under the special mode status, you can get S.BUS output feature on thethe 4thchannel ofservo channel, other channels not changed.

NOTE: if you want to reset the receiver to normal mode, you can rebind the receiver to your transmitter.

Servo selection guide:

If you want to take analog servos on the model, please take normal mode.

LED statusindicated under normal working status:






No signal searched



Signal is very good



Signal is not very good



Signal is weak

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