BETAFPV ExpressLRS ELRS Micro RF TX Module ELRS 2.4G 915MHz 868MHz With Wifi OLED Screen for TX16S TX12 X9D Plus Q X7 Futaba


Color: ELRS Micro 2.4G

Micro tuner supports Micro JR interface. For those without JR interface, GND/VCC/CRSF interface is provided, which supports most ELRS receivers on the market. Support all OpenTX remote control and some remote control (T16lZ, T16SZ, T18SZ, ET16, etc.).

Product parameter

• Equipped with XT30 interface, Type-C interface, external power supply (5V~12V)

• Equipped with 3Pin GH1.25 signal port and a standard adapter cable, which can support some Futaba and other remote control without JR warehouse


• Built-in OLED display and a 5D tuning button (used as a touch switch, short press to switch, long press to confirm), adjustable parameters include transmit power, data packet frequency, return rate, RGB light color, frequency binding, upgrade

• The maximum power is 500mW, and the power levels are as follows:

2.4GHz: 25mW, 50mW, 100mW, 250mW, 500mW

915MHz/868MHz: 100mW, 250mW, 500mW

•Built-in cooling fan, when the power exceeds 250mW, the fan automatically starts and the speed is constant

• The color of the LED light is adjustable, the default is Cyan (cyan), and a variety of light colors are available: white, Blue, Cyan, Aqua, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple

•Adjustable data packet frequency (consistent with Nano tuner):

2.4GHz: 50Hz, 150Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz

915MHz/868MHz: 25Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz

• Adjustable return frequency (same as Nano tuner): off, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32, 1:64, 1:128

• Support WIFI upgrade

Note: Please assemble the antenna before powering on. Otherwise, the PA chip in the Micro TX module will be permanently damaged.

Note: Please do not use 3S or above batteries to power on the TX module through the XT30 port. Otherwise, the power chip in the TX module will be permanently damaged.



  • 1 * BETAFPV ELRS Micro TX Module

  • 1 * BETAFPV Moxon Antenna

  • 1 *GH1.25 to 3P DuPont Head

  • 1 * Micro TX Module user Manual



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