AOKoda XT60 to USB QC3.0 Fast Charger LiPo Battery Discharger Power Converter Adapter for Smartphone Tablet



The shopkeeper has something to say: QC3.0 charger, using genuine Amass XT60 plug. Able to reach the maximum charging power of 18W (requires mobile phone to support QC3.0 function)

      QC 9V and 12V output requires the input voltage to be greater than the output voltage of 2V. For example, with 2S battery power supply, QC3.0 charging cannot be achieved. Because the product is a step-down regulator, it does not have a step-up function.

       The button is a function of setting, setting the lithium battery cut-off voltage (to prevent the lithium battery from over-discharging, the charger automatically has a setting range according to the inserted battery voltage), and the display can also be used as a lithium battery voltage display function (total voltage), which is very cost-effective Of a charger.

Input Voltage: 7-28V (Include 12V by car), with reverse polarity protection that avoid connect the positive and negative vinversely
USB Output Voltage: 5V/9V
Battery Plug Type: XT60 plug

Dimension: 62x20x14mm
Weight: 22g



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