Amass XT90 Female to AS150 Female Plug Cable 15cm 10AWG Silicone Line Charger Adapter Wire for Battery RC Agriculture Drone


Color: 5PCS XT90 to AS150

Amass plugs with its excellent product quality and real life, no price
Sacrifice product quality and cut corners. A plane, ranging from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.
Everyone will not hope that because they save a few dollars, they will make their own love machine appear suddenly in the air.
Power off and blow up the machine. So cherish life, stay away from inferior goods, and put an end to the hidden dangers of bombers.
Genuine Amass plug starts.
- Weight: 45.5 grams
- Connector type: AS150 male + AS150 female to XT90 female
- Wire type: 10 AWG silicone
- Temperature resistance: -60 centidegree - 200 centidegree
- Line length: 15cm
Item specifics:
Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Size: 15cm
Model number: for Battery RC Agriculture Drone
Tool supplies: Assembled class
Material: other
Rc parts & accs: Plug Cable
Remote control peripherals/devices: Adapter Wire
Upgrade parts/accessories: Silicone Line
Applicable to Boat model, car model, boat model lithium battery XT90 and AS150 plugs of the Charging, transferring, extending
 and so on. . . (For example: plant protection machine large capacity 10000mAh battery)
Package includes:
1PCS or 5PCS x Plug Cable


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