Amass XT30 Fuse Installation Test Safety Plug Short-circuit Protection Plug Overload Protection Inspecting


Color: XT30 Fuse

 1-6s Capable(33v max)
 0.5A Hold current,1A Trip Current
 1.1A Hold current,2.2A Trip Current
 0.5S Trip time
Green led ok  
 Green led dim or blinking, Fuse tripped. 
 Red led error      
Red led dim or blinking, Fuse tripped 
 Optional 0.5A Hold Current, 1A Trip Current
 Optional 1.1A Hold Current, 2.2A Trip Current
To reset the Solid State Smoke Inhibitor, unplug for 10 seconds.
Note: Solid State Smoke Inhibitor/ Lightbulbs / Fuses / Circuit breakers are not 100% foolproof way of keeping the magic smoke in. It’s always best to use in conjunction with a multimeter. This is NOT an end all be all kind of protection. Nothing is. It is best at protecting against a soldering short. If you wire something wrong, it will likely still blow (ie apply 16v to a 5v system). This is a failsafe, one that will probably help you but may not depending on the kind of error you make. Double check wiring schematics, check your gear with a multimeter, and lastly use a Smoke Stopper. Do not wire things up randomly and hope a Smoke Stopper will save you - that's a bold move Cotton!
Package included:
1 X XT30 short-circuit protection plug



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