Amass MR60PWMale Plug Three-Core Horizontal High-Current Gold-Plated Banana Connector For PCB Circuit Board Brushless Motor ESC


Color: 5PCS MR60PW-M

Item:  Amass MR60PW-Male Plug

Item Name:  MR60PW Male Plug
Body Material and Surface Plating: Brass and gold plated
Insulation Material: PA66
Contact resistance: 0.6mΩ
Rated current: 30A
Instantaneous current: 60A
FR level: UL94 V0
USE times: 1000 times
Operating temperature: -20℃--120℃
Rated voltage: DC 500V
Insulation resistance: 2000mΩ
Protection level: IP40

Suitable for connecting ESCs and motors
Assistive weld foot, more stable
Rated 500V/30A maximum 60A current, Small size and large current
The size of a dollar coin
Shell material UL94V0 PA
Working temperature -20~120 degrees
Brass with real gold plated pin contact resistance is small, High current, Easy to weld
Anti-reverse insertion design, one-time insertion and removal

Note: Only suitable for manual soldering, not suitable for reflow or wave soldering

Package Included:

  • Amass MR60PW Male Plug 


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