Amass AS150 Gold Plated Banana Plug 7mm Male Female for High Voltage Battery Red Black

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Original AX150 / AS150 7MM Anti-Spark Lipo Do you cringe when plugging in a high voltage pack into your vehicle because of that awful spark? Do you hate what that mini lightning bolt does to your connectors over time? Then look no further - for sale are a pair of super heavy duty, 150+ amp 7MM ANTI-SPARK bullet connectors with re-usable plastic housings. These connectors are arguably the most advanced in the R/C market and are rated for over 150 amps, so they challenge you to find some application they can't handle. Each item contains: (2) Re-usable Red Housings (Male / Female) (2) Re-usable Black Housings (Male / Female) (2) 7MM female bullet connectors (2) 7MM male bullet connectors - 1 with anti-spark technology (1) Instructions for proper assembly Product Name: AMASS AS150 plug Model: AS150 Molded material: Nylon Surface treatment: gold Application: for power transfer, chargers, and other high-voltage battery Product advantages: 1. Large size 7mm, gold plated, resistance to high current, patented anti-arcing design for high-voltage battery. 2. The shell is made of durable injection molded nylon super, super retardant from the fire is put out 3. new design, when welding wire counterparts slot design, safety wire does not melt. 28g / set

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