Wholesale 500pcs AMASS XT60H (XT60 Upgrade) Male Female Bullet Nickel-plated Connectors Power Plugs with Sheath


Color: 500pcs male XT60H

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Package Included:
500Pcs XT60H male plug
500Pcs XT60H female plug

Product Description

  • Specification:

  • Item : Original AmassXT60

  • Body Material: Nickel plated copper& Nylon/PA

  • Max. RC/MC: 60A/100A

  • Weight: 7.72g/pcs

  • Temperature Resistance: -20°C~120°C

  • Recommend Use: 1000 times

  • Recommend Cable Spec.: 12AWG

  • Recommend Soldering Spec.: 480°C/4S

  • Color:Black


  • These are original Amass Nylon XT60 plug.which offer a tight fit, ensuring a solid connection for minimal resistance. it requires a little force to clamp the end cap in place but please note that the end cap is hard to disassemble once it has been installed.

  • this plug don't need heat shrink, because the covers could avoid the wire exposing outside.

  • can handle over 60A current for extended periods.The plug is also less likely to deform or melt.


Advice: Although there are many clones more cheap to get than an original Amass version,we recommend to use the original ones, this ones have being more tested and go through more strict quality control methods. Don't let your expensive race quad loosing connection because of a XT60H


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