Amass 10 Pair XT60 XT60HBullet Connectors Male Female Power Plugs Power RC LV Lipo Battery Motor 3D printer


Color: 10 pairs XT60H

Item : Original Amass XT60
Body Material: Gold-plated copper& Nylon/PA
Internal Resistance: 0.8mΩ
Max. RC/MC: 60A/100A
Weight: 7.72g/pcs
Temperature Resistance: -20°C~120°C
Recommend Use: 1000 times
Recommend Cable Spec.: 12AWG
Recommend Soldering Spec.: 480°C/4S
These are original  Amass  Nylon XT60 plug,not cheap copies.which offer a tight fit, ensuring a solid connection for minimal resistance. it requires a little force to clamp the end cap in place but please note that the end cap is hard to disassemble once it has been installed.
there is  no need  to use heat shrink and the ridged edges on the end cap provide extra grip when pulling the male and female connectors apart.
10 pcs male Amass XT90 connector + 10 pcs female Amass XT90 connector



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