8 In 1 Realflight Simulator Remote Control USB Model RC Aircraft All-round Dongle Phoenix 6.0 Golden Warrior Simulation

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8 In 1 Remote Control USB Model RC Aircraft Flight Simulator All-round Dongle Phoenix 6.0 Golden Warrior Simulator FPV Traverser

Software download address:

Note to buyers: This dongle only supports two computers, after use, no quality problems do not return!

This USB dongle supports MAC system computers (non-M1 chip devices) and windows
(WIN7, WIN10) system computers, in order to allow you to simulate training faster

We provide some free flight simulation software download links for Windows, including Phoenix
Phoenix Simulator download links, etc. You can also go to steam game platform to buy paid
You can also go to steam game platform to buy the genuine game. Due to the special nature of MAC system, there is no free software available.
MAC users need to purchase their own download software.

Hardware dog support:
New G4, G3, G2 (all support from top to bottom!)
New Phoenix 6.0~~5.0 version (from top to bottom all support!)
XTR, FMS, Aerofly, (top to bottom support)

8 in 1 USB dongle does not support G7, does not support cell phone OTG, no CD

Remote control support:
WFLY, JR, FUTABA, Horizon, Wakel, Fusi (FS),
Radiolink, KDS (Guran), JUMPER, RadioMaster are supported
You need to check your own free interface and choose the right one to connect the remote control.

Crossover simulator Freerider, XTR, etc. can be supported
DRL, DCL, liftoff crossover simulator software can also be supported, the software needs
The software needs to be purchased separately from Steam.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service for more information and purchase, thank you! Thank you! !
The dongle is suitable for most of the remotes on the market (FuSi, Radiolink, WFLY, frsky X9D, etc., according to the interface selection line).

Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English (optional)
Installation environment: XP, windows7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows8, Vista Windows10

The adapter connection sequence is: your remote control adapter cable black audio cable - dongle (usb plug) - computer.

Various types of aircraft
Fixed-wing, glider, helicopter, multi-rotor, other models

Phoenix 6.0 small part of the model show


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