5PCS Gaoneng GNB FPV Batteries 600mAh 1S/2S/3S/4S/6S 1-6S HV 90C PH2.0 orXT30 Plug Lipo Battery Updated Verion of 450mah


Color: 5pcs 2S 600mAh 90C



Battery Parameter: Gaoneng 600mAh 90C

Capacity: 600mAh

Plug: PH2.0 /XT30 Plug

Continuous Discharge Rate: 90C

Weight: 13.5g/30g/43g/56g/85g

Colors: yellow




Don't over-charge, or over-discharge batteries.

Don't put it beside the high temperature condition.

Don't throw it into fire.

Don't throw it into water.


Package Included:

5PCS  Gaoneng 600mAh 90C Lipo Battery



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