40 In 1 RC USB Flight Simulator With Cables All round 8ch Dongle Wireless Bluetooth Phoenix 6.0 Golden Warrior

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Note: A dongle only supports two computers, the third computer can not be used, please know!

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40 in 1 simulator dongle supports wireless Bluetooth function


    • Support FreeRider/DRL/DCL and Liftoff software popular in FPV (some cross machine games need to be purchased and installed on steam game platform for a fee, such as DRL/DCL and Liftoff software)

    • There are a lot of simulation software supported by the 40 in 1 dongle. A certain degree of network disk download address is provided. It is recommended to download separately (or open a member to download),

    • Since the software has a capacity of 20G, it will be slow to download all the software. But part of the game content needs

    • The user shall purchase separately.

    • In addition to supporting cross drone simulation software, it also supports free practice Phoenix Simulator 6.0 and below for fixed wing, helicopter and four axis UAV and Flying Eagle Simulator

    • RealFlight 8.0 and below software supports FPV perspective and third person perspective.

    • It is applicable to most remote controllers on the market (Radiolink, Fusi, WFLY, Huake, Frsky.)

This dongle supports XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, and WIN11 systems


Package included:

1 x Gold Warrier USB 40 in 1 simulator

2 x Adapter cable for other brand remote control

1 x Video adapter cable

1 x Audio adapter cable



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