2Pairs(2CW+2CCW) SoloGood 1050 10X5X3 3-Blade Glass Fiber Nylon Propeller for Multirotor 10" FPV Cinelifter MarcoQuad


Brand Name: SoloGood
Model: 1050-3
Material: Glass Fiber Nylon
Weight: 26g (single)
Center Hole I.D.: 5mm Paddle Diameter: 254.6mm
Center Thickness: 10.0mm
Maximum width of paddle: 28.3mm
Suitable motor:3110-3115 or up Recommended motor: 3115 900kv
Package Includes:1x 1050 Propeller CW/1x 1050 Propeller CCW

Anyone who receives the paddles, confirms receipt of the goods with positive feedback, and takes a picture will receive 2 packs of SoloGood 1050 paddles for free!
The freebie will be shipped with the new order


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