SoloGood 19 in1 RC Lipo Battery Charger Adapter Convert Cable 4mm Banana Plug to Traxxa JST FUTABAS/T-Plug XT90 EC3 EC5 Hxt TAMIYAS


Color: 19 in 1 charger

Selling Point

INPUT CONNECTORS: 14 AWG 4mm banana plugs. OUTPUT CONNECTORS: Traxxas(male), Tamiya(male) - Large, EC3(male), JST(female), Futaba(female), XT90(male), T-Dean(male), DIY Bare Wire

Had protective cover caps for open contacts of adapters not being used, no need worry about them touching and shorting out.
Lipo battery charger cable used silicone as outside insulation, which has excellent properties such as being able to endure high temperatures and flame retardant

Saved you time and money when you are paying attention on what connectors you are getting for your batteries. Suitable for aircraft drone model RC cars trucks planes axis aerial device battery and airsoft.

19-in-1 Banana Plug Squid Charger Multi-Adapter Leads has two DIY bare leads for further plug options

Selling Point

A perfect solution if you have multiple platforms! Has most every connector you could want, no more searching for the right cable, work so much easier that single leads

Great invention has everything you need to charge mostly any type of battery ! You don't have to search around for that certain plug everything is right at your fingertips !

Had protective cover caps for open contacts of adapters not being used, no need worry about them touching and shorting out.

Eliminates multiple charge leads & adapters - 8 in1 Charging Adapter Cable for Use with Your RC Charger and Accessories Use with most RC Chargers that use 4mm Banana Plug/Bullet Connector Inputs High quality - connectors & smooth flexible silicone wire & Gold plated banana plug

Package included: 1 x RC battery charge cable

Multi connectors meets all your demands

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Brand Story

Sologood Electronics Co., Ltd. (Abb:Sologood Electronics) is a B2C e-commerce company,
focusing on cross-border trade, with a group of young elite team, growing fast and focus on RC drone.

Sologood Electronics always takes "bringing China's high-quality commodities and high-quality supply chain to the world" as its mission, and "becoming a top-level customer satisfaction company globally" as its vision, focusing on B2C cross-border export e-commerce.

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