10pcs Amass XT60E-F Female Plug Large Current Gold/Brass Ni Plated Connector Power Battery Connecting Adapter for DIY RC Model


Color: 1pcs

1. Amass XT60E-F is a requirement put forward by dozens of lithium battery engineers. The plug can be fixed to the power end, and the female end plug is safer.

2. Amass XT60E-F is processed from original Ams products. The electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance are completely consistent with Amass XT60, and it is compatible with various Amass XT60 male connectors.

3. The black plug is nickel-plated. Compared with gold-plated, nickel-plated is not easy to weld. For novice welding users, please be careful!



- Model: XT60E Female Plug

- Contact resistance: 0.80mΩ

- Plastic material: PA

- Rated voltage: DC 500V

- Rated current: 30A

- Instaneus current: 60A

- FR level: UL94 V0

- Using times: 1000 times

- Recommend use: Controller

- Temperature: -20℃ to 120℃

- Cable spec.: 12AWG



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