SoloGood MARK4 V3 Pro 13inch 570mm Carbon Fiber Frame Axisflying Argus F405 80A/ F722 80A Stack 8S 4312 508KV Brushless Motor



Mark4 V3 Pro 13Inch 570mm Carbon Fiber Frame

Wheelbase 570MM.
Thickness of upper plate 1.5MM.
Thickness of bottom plate 3MM.
Thickness of lower fixed plate 3MM
Thickness of camera side plate 2.5MM.
Front lip plate 2.5MM thick.
Rear lip 2.5MM thick
Camera arm 8MM
Surrounding reinforcement 3MM
Camera mounting spacing 19MM.
Flight control mounting hole spacing 20*20MM/30.5*30.5MM
Motor mounting hole spacing 21*21MM
The distance between the mounting holes of the graphic transmitter is 20*20MM or 30.5*30.5MM.

Size(Long*Wide)mm: 57*56mm
Install Hole: 30.5*30.5mm
PCB Color: Black
Heat Sink: /
MOS Model: QN3109 or same specifications
MCU Model: EFM8BB21F16G
Interface Definition: ++-- Curr NC1234
Amperage Meter: 200
Firmware: Q_H_40_24_V0.19.2
Input Voltage: 2-6S
Continuous Current: 80A
Brust Current:90A
Temp. Protection: YES
Telemetry: NO
Weight: 28g

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