SoloGood Mark4 8inch 366mm 6mm Arm Frame 3K Carbon Fiber Kit Gemfan 8040 8X4X3 3-Blade 8inch Glass Fiber CW CCW Propeller



Product Name
MARK4 8 inch
Wheelbase: 366mm
Weight: 181g
Thickness of base plate: 2M
Top Plate Thickness: 2. 5mm
Side Plate Thickness: 2. 5mm
Plywood Thickness: 3MM
Arm Thickness: 6mm
Camera mounting pitch: 19mm
Flight control mounting hole spacing: 20*20/30.5*30.5m
Distance between mounting holes for map transmission
20*20/30. 5*30. 5mm
Motor Mounting Pitch: 16*16/19*19mm

Package Included:
1*Frame Kit
1*battery strap
1*battery mat


Gemfan 8040 3 Blade Propeller

Package Included:
2x 8040 propeller CW
2x 8040 propeller CCW

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