SoloGood MARK4 7inch FPV Dron 2807 1300KV F405 55A Stack 5.8G 2.5W Max VTX Gemfan 7040 7Inch 3-Blade Propeller Caddx Ratel 2


All out of 7/8/9/10 inch sets of aircraft have to adjust the BF ground station in the wave, the default parameters can not fly a large aircraft, all the flight control on the market is this way!

Please note! Please note! Please note!

Before use, you need to adjust the parameter in the BF ground station line before normal use, otherwise it will lead to the explosion of the aircraft This is the program, you need to compile it in!

7 inch filter parameters
# profile 0
set dterm_lpf1_dyn_min_hz = 22
set dterm_lpf1_dyn_max_hz = 45
set dterm_lpf1_static_hz = 22
set dterm_lpf2_static_hz = 45
set p_pitch = 50
set p_roll = 48
set p_yaw = 48
set simplified_pids_mode = OFF
set simplified_dterm_filter_multiplier = 30

Type SAVE, press enter and you're done!


SoloGood mark4-7

SoloGood 28071300kv *4

SoloGood 55A Stack(F405 FC+55AESC)

SoloGood 5.8G 2.5W max VTX

Gemfan 7040 propeller for 7inch 2 pair

Caddx Ratel 2 1/1.8'' Starlight 1200TVL 2.1mm camera

MINI5 Antenna black

SoloGood 915 receiver

3D Part for receiver

Semi-assembled (Motor With Additional MR30 Plug)




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