SoloGood Mark4 7inch 295mm 6mm Arm Frame Gemfan Flash 7040 7 Inch 3-Blade 7X4X3 PC CW CCW Propeller



Item name: MARK4 7inch V1
Arm thickness: 6MM
Upper center board: 2MM
Lower center plate: 3MM
Camera protection frame board thickness: 2MM
Plywood thickness: 2MM
weight: about 147g (205g with screws accessories)

Recommended configuration(not included):
     Stack: SoloGood F405 55A/F722 60A
     Motor: 2207.5/2305/2306/2407/2408/2507
     ESC: 30A-50A
     Battery: 4S 1800mAh ~ 6S 2200mAh

Package Included:
1*Frame Kit
1*battery strap
1*battery mat

Gemfan Flash 7040 7 Inch 3-Blade Propeller CW & CCW for RC Drone

Brand Name: Gemfan
Model: Flash 7040
Item Name: 7040 7 Inch 3-Blade Propeller

Material: PC
Weight: 7.9G
Center Hole Inner Diameter: 5mm
Paddle Disk Diameter: 178.43mm
Center Thickness: 7.5mm
Maximum Blade Width: 18.24mm
Adaptation Motor: 2206-1500KV (tested motor)
Recommended Motor: 2206
Package Included:
2x 7040 propeller CW
2x 7040 propeller CCW

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