SoloGood 2207 1950KV 2550KV 2-6S Lipo Unibell Brushless Motor 12N14P 5mm Shaft Compatible 5 Inch Propeller for FPV Racing Drone


Color: 4PCS 1950KV

High-strength 5mm Steel shaft
N52H High-temperature magnets, NSK bearings
Single strand copper winding
Hex bolt shaft set screw

Configuration: 12N14P
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Magnets: N52H Curved
Shaft Diameter: 5mm / Steel
Weight: 31.9g (20#150MM wires)
Cells (LiPo): 1950KV 3-6S, 2550KV 2-4S

Package included:
4pcs SoloGood 2207 Motor

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