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Dongguan Sologood Electronics Co., Ltd. (Abb:Sologood Electronics) is a B2C e-commerce company, focusing on cross-border trade, located in Dongguan, China, with a group of young elite team. Initially, Sologood devoted herself toTaobao in China, the boss ranging from professional model pilots, global model competitions and airplanes to devoting herself to the e-commerce industry. More than 10 years of Taobao operation experience, accumulated high-quality supply chain, and later developed Amazon, AliExpresse, eBay and other third-party platforms, with high-quality products and dedicated services won the praise of third-party platforms and customers. With the rapid growth of sales performance, the continuous growth of enterprises and the strong support of government policies, Xiugu started to operate the comprehensive mall website (www.sologood.com) and self-built stations in 2016, devoted to cross-border self-operating platform product sales, to develop overseas markets for domestic developers, with customer demand as the leading factor, independently develop new products, and provide personalized shopping experience. Up to now, Xiugu Electronics has become a cross-border e-commerce complex in Dongguan, one of the leading enterprises in the industry. Sologood Electronics always takes "bringing China's high-quality commodities and high-quality supply chain to the world" as its mission, and "becoming a top-level customer satisfaction company globally" as its vision, focusing on B2C cross-border export e-commerce.




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